Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Social Networking Fatigue" [sic?] via Blue Chip Expert (BCE)?

I just registered with Blue Chip Expert. It's a job site for high-end professionals and consultants. The basic idea is that social networking can do a better job than traditional recruiting methods if the right platform and financial incentives are in place. The referral fees they offer can really add up, and definitely make it worth a look. If you are interested, click on the link below to register: Below is a copy of their selling messages: Blue Chip Expert is a new kind of networking service - created to connect top-tier executives, professionals and consultants with the most sought-after opportunities from leading companies in every business category. There are a few unique benefits that make Blue Chip Expert different from any other networking resource you may have tried previously: * Membership is by invitation only - so it's limited to the best companies and the best people. This makes it a perfect way to expand your network to include top contacts in every field. * The search technology is cutting-edge. Blue Chip Expert uses a proprietary engine to connect the right specialist to the perfect opportunity. It's the easiest way to build a team on a moment's notice, or locate other professionals to complement your capabilities. * Members can actually earn recurring fees for introducing professionals - and the potential annual revenues are considerable. Once you register, make sure to check out the Referral Fee Calculator to project potential earnings. I think you may be in for a very pleasant surprise. There are a lot more member privileges - but the easiest way to get the details is to accept this invitation and register at Blue Chip Expert.

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