Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Welcome to the Carpool Club

Welcome all! This is the initial posting to the Carpool Club Blog -- a site dedicated to the daily discussion topics of Chesty, Juicy, and Dash during their daily commute between Bridgewater and Eatontown, New Jersey. On a regular basis (hopefully daily), the three charter members of the Club will take turns posting the day's discussion thread. We encourage any intelligent and tasteful comments back from the community. We take the carpool is often the part of the day that keeps us sane. Chesty even views us as family (Dash would be the red-headed stepchild). With that said...let me explain the Carpool Club Rules:
  • All topics (except Juicy in a bathtub) are on limits.
  • We respect differences in life as the way the world was created...we intend no ill will (unless specified).
  • Each rider must provide one positive and negative event from the day (1-up and 1-down).
  • In the style of "Who's Line...?" points can be awarded (or taken away) for comments or actions.

We hope you enjoy this blog and maybe even "live the dream" [SIC].

-- Dash


  1. Chesty's 1-up for 5 June: This Blog!

    Chesty's 1-down for 5 June: TBD

  2. Chesty's 1-down for 5 June: Because I've been "around for so long" [sic], I was asked to in-process again today

  3. Chesty's 1-down for 6 June: Yesterday a customer had asked if a co-worker planned to attend a training event, and my co-worker responded by making plans to be there. Today the manager of the training asked my co-worker: "If it is true that you invited yourself, please uninvite [sic] yourself."

  4. Jim's 1-up 6 June: ability to get my contract leadership to visit 2525 at my will

    1-down: iToilet

  5. Jim - even "exclusivists" [sic] have to recognize you as a non-kissing cousin. Your leader [sic] recognized me and even remembered my name when he came to visit you & Dash. --Chesty

  6. 7 June
    1-up: dropping a minute off of the lunchtime "long" [sic] run.

    1-down: Chesty bashing Bush on the three day old blog for no apparent reason....-43 pts

  7. Not tracking the alleged "Bush-bashing" [sic] that "Jim" reported as his 7 June down. The excerpt below compares two quotes, perhaps someone reads between lines?

    5) "This whole thing...comes down to either you are right or we...are right." How does this logic differ from the President's: "You're either with us or you're against us" ?

  8. You'll be down 86pts if you don't watch it smarty!

  9. What's 86pts compared to the 3X10^6 awarded for influencing Juicy's speech pattern wrt the proposed "Carpool Club Family Tree" [sic]?


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