Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vacation Plans?

Its almost the middle of summer and carpool attendance has been rather hit or miss due to travel. We are expecting another lul in carpool rantings due to the upcoming Vacation plans. Its been a pretty demanding year, with the Holy War [sic], Summer of Change, and the Expanded Family. I guess we all deserve a break... your thoughts? Does the mere fact that we work mean we have a right to a vacation? Is this just an American thing?


  1. on a great vacation with the in-laws

    Played golf today -- on track for a 105, but got scrubbed due to rain.

    hung out in the pool and had a killer nap...

    had somem time to catch up on my integral calculus last night:)

  2. hi i hav added ur link on my blog
    wating for u to link back

  3. 1. Yes, we all deserve/need breaks.

    2. We have a right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness"...

    3. America's behind the power curve.

  4. Does Mr. Spammer take vacations too?

  5. Does he even sleep?

  6. So check out ABC's fall lineup. Hope this becomes a fan favorite

  7. Also see this more lifelike video:

    Discovered via this message board:


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