Saturday, January 26, 2008

Combo of LinkedIn, YouTube MySpace, Face Book, Bebo with blogging and messaging capabilities

Join the ETP Network Global Community

Posted by: "Rod Colon" etpcoach

Fri Jan 25, 2008 7:01 am (PST)

Team, We have listened to feedback received from ETP members in being able to collaborate and communicate directly with other members. With the assistance of other ETP members we are pleased to announce the "ETP Network Global Community". This is a social network that is now available exclusively for ETP members. Our new social network is a combination of LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, Face Book, Bebo with blogging and messaging capabilities. Forums are also available for lively interactive discussions. The ETP Yahoo group will still continue to exist as a safe haven for new and current ETP members. For those who would like more social interaction and collaboration, the "ETP Network Global Community" is the place to hang out. How to Join the "ETP Network Global Community If you wish to join the ETP Global Community please send your request to, keeping "ETP Social Network" in the "Subject" of your email. Once you send your email request to join the "ETP Network Global Community", you will receive an official email invitation to join the ETP community, from one of the social network administrators (David Leech, Linda Orlando, Michael Canfora, Carl E. Reid). Please be patient. It can take up 24 hours to receive your final approval of membership. Please keep in mind our volunteer administrator team have a family, jobs or businesses to run. Need Help Maneuvering Around the Social Network? After entering the community, you can go to the "Forum > Feedback & Technical Questions" area to post any "how to" questions. Administrators will respond to your questions within 24 hours. Best wishes and keep networking alive, Rod Colon, Founder & CEO Empowering Today's Professionals Network (ETP Network) <> (ETP - The Trusted Network) (Staffing Specialist) Email: 732-367-5580 Plug-in. Charge Up. Get Connected on the First Monday of the Month with Rod Colon's Conference Call at 9pm: Telephone Number: 712.451.6100 Pin: 171305# Join the ETP Network:

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