Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Religious Blog or Carpool Blog?

Some statistics... Did you know 10 out of the last 12 blog posts are on religious in nature. I am as religious as the next guy and I know I don't live in the greater nyc area so I am not swept up in the fervor that is the Pope's visit. I know not everyone who reads this(or blogs this) is catholic... :) Don't get me wrong here either, I love learning about Judiaism... Is this the right place for a continued treatment of religion though... Just a thought


  1. Good point & appreciate the feedback. FWIW, this "religious blog" [sic] (d)evolved from an intra-carpool, interfaith, cross-cultural "RFI"(+/-)

  2. I think we can play this logic puzzle all day long (All boys play baseball, all baseball players wear hats, therefore all boys wear hats)...

    Can we agree on this:

    1) The ancient tribe of Judah is a demographic

    2) The kingdom of Judah was a nation consisting of multiple demographics (ie of the lineage of multiple sons of Israel -- to include Judah and Benjamin primarily -- prior to the unification of the nations of Israel and Judah)

    3) members of what we consider the Jewish faith really simply adopted the monotheistic Hebrew beliefs that were not limited solely to sons of Judah (ie Levites were the traditional Hebrew priest caste -- fastforward to Roman conquest days and you'd probably find chief priests in the Jewish faith in Jerusalem (the capital of the kingdom of Judah (and also the Roman province of Iudea) who traced their lineage back to Levi)

    4) The 'Diaspora' following the Roman and Islamic conquests of Iudea scattered the multiple demographics collectively known by culture and religion as Jews

    IMHO, there are no such people as Jews. That is merely a label that people have given themselves in order to provide themselves with an identity associated with Hebrew monotheistic faith/texts. Other people have adopted that label and therefore call themselves Jews.

    You have to ask yourself when people started assigning themselves that label, and then you can trace the origins of the identity.

    If you want to compare the sons of Judah to the cultural Jewish identity in some ethnic Venn diagram, I would say the two circles overlap, not completely. Not all sons of Judah were Jews, and all Jews are not sons of Judah.


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