Friday, May 2, 2008

Subject: WIKI = "What I Know Is" [sc!]

A wiki (sometimes spelled "Wiki"- comes from the word "wikiwiki," which means "fast" in the Hawaiian language ") is a software program that resides on a server. This software allows users to collaborate in forming the content of a Web site. By using a regular Web browser, any user can edit content within the wiki, including other users' contributions. By virtue of the fact that wiki content is open to manipulation by any user, a wiki Web site must operate on a principle of collaborative trust. It also must operate on the assumption that anyone who provides content to the wiki has validated that their content is factual. A wiki allows a visitor to the "wikified" Web site to edit the content of the site from their own computer. Visitors can also create new content and change the organization of existing content. The simplest wiki programs allow editing of text and hyperlinks only. More advanced wikis make it possible to add or change images, tables, and certain interactive components such as games.


  1. What is a wiki site?

    Wikiwiki means quick in Hawaiian. A wiki site is a Web site in which users

    can easily edit any page. The site grows organically by linking existing

    pages together or by creating links to new pages. If a user finds a link to

    an uncreated page, he or she can follow the link and create the page.

    Wiki is also a backronym that stands for, "what I know is..." In business

    environments, a wiki site provides a low-maintenance way to record

    knowledge. Information that is usually traded in e-mail messages, gleaned

    from hallway conversations, or written on paper can instead be recorded in a

    wiki site, in context with similar knowledge.

    Other example uses of wiki sites include brainstorming ideas, collaborating

    on designs, creating an instruction guide, gathering data from the field,

    tracking call center knowledge, and building an encyclopedia of knowledge.

  2. Subject: Blog vs. wiki? RE: backronym=WIKI = "What I Know Is" [sc!]
    Importance: Low


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an
    individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or
    other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in
    reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to
    maintain or add content to a blog.

    Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others
    function as more personal online diaries

  3. Wiki wins vs Blog, but loses against Godzilla ; ties against mothra

  4. It doesn't's a fact because it's in quotes

    "Wiki wins vs Blog, but loses against Godzilla; ties against mothra"

  5. Subject: "b("")x" vs.

    We might as well think inside the Hbnc "b("")x" if we're going to limit our
    acceptance of facts to the words embedded in quotes...

    "Mothra has regained enough strength to fight again, and she charges
    Godzilla. Godzilla manages to push her away, but she quickly comes back.
    This time, however, she tries a different approach. She uses a paralyzing
    spore attack to immobilize Godzilla"

  6. Oh...pardon's only valid if followed by SIC. And mothra was a girl

  7. subject cnsdr yrslf... RE: "b("")x" vs.

    ..."pardoned" [sc?!]


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