Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 End of Year Review

So last January, the Carpool Club decided to see if any of us could complete Elementary School again and began quizzing each other using the "...Smarter than a 5th Grader..." daily calendar. Each month we would have one carpool dedicated to asking the month's set of questions and then reviewing the previously completed questions. Since5 January 2009 was the first "full" carpool of the year, we decided that Juicy and Chester would have the official End of Year Exam. Take my word that it was very competitive (although Chester had not previously shown any signs of being able to hang with Juicy. When all was said and done, Juicy had correctly answered 169 questions first and Chester had correctly answered 140 questions first. They both can move to Junior High...again.


  1. Point of order...again...not that it would impact the score(s), but in the interest of accuracy and/or precision, we should note that we also had many "ties" per question.

  2. And the decision authority over ties, namely me, had pity and gave most of them to you. How do you like them apples, chester? (without dip of course)

  3. Keep your ties and your pity, I'm keeping it casual and healthy in '09(yes, that means more dip-less apple slices). Since I'm sincere in my intent, you're only deceiving yourself if you call my resolution a lie...


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