Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

It's officially the time for all of us to lie, even if we don't mean to do so. Even the best carpooler is only 60% effective on maintaining true to new NY Resolutions...hardly a passing grade even in the most gracious schools. Regardless, here we go: Juicy - 10 pushups a day ("Hey -- if I'm down doing 10, I'll surely do more.") Chester - Maintaining last year's resolution for healthy eating and not going to the office's "mini-mart" Dash - I'll post to the blog (what do you know, resolution met -- I'm done for the year) Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!


  1. Point of Order...In order to lie, one has to intend to deceive (flash back to the Honor Code).

    Accordingly, please retract your erroneous allegation that we "lie, even if we don't mean to do so." [sic!]

  2. you do lie on New Year resolutions. Not to anyone else, just yourself..with the intent to decieve yourself. Hope is not a(n acceptable) method.

  3. so the corrected statement should be: "you lie, even if you hope you're wrong"

  4. Agree that hope is not a course of action, but why would one intend to deceive oneself?


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